CodeLand Professional Award 2019

On the last December, during our CodeLand Summit 2019 event, we have assigned a new internal award to the collaborator that have demonstrated through the year the best professional growth, enthusiasm and commitment.

CodeLand successes fully depends on its professional team, on all the collaborators that everyday work together side by side, helping each other to face and win new challenges, for our customers and for themselves. A fantastic team in which improvement and professional growth give CodeLand the capability to constantly deliver successful results.

The Winner of 2019 Professional Award is Samuele Fusto.

Professional Award 2019 Article Image

In few months Samuele was able to enter CodeLand reality acquiring a lot of competencies, participating with enthusiasm to projects that were fundamental for us, giving a relevant contribution for their success. For all this effort, a big THANK YOU from CodeLand, to be extended to all our collaborators.

And from CodeLand, good luck for your new professional challenges Samuele. You have grown a lot with us, and we are sure that you will always bring with you a little piece of our group, and as well something of you will remain here in CodeLand. THANK YOU.

Our excellent skills and experience on AEM, achieved with several challenging projects, and combined with a strong Adobe partnership allow our team to deliver outstanding results.