CodeBay represents the perfect sister company for CodeLand.

Born in 2014 with founders Ignazio Locatelli (CodeLand’s CEO), Gaetano Negrone and Simone Bonacina, directed by COO Massimiliano Parisi,  CodeBay immediately started to play a fundamental role in CodeLand’s growth, supporting projects on the Italian market delivering excellence and deep know how on the Adobe Experience Manager platform.

Located in a spectacular geographic context, CodeBay has been able to attract important skills coming not only from Tenerife university. With around 50 AEM developers, architects and business practitioners, CodeBay is today an important Adobe player on the Spanish market, ready to move its first steps in a more internationalized market sharing projects and expertise with CodeLand.

CodeBay “clan culture” is pushing a new way to ensure attention to all of its employees and collaborators, providing benefits and facilities to strengthen the team, not only at a professional level.

2 Offices, one located at Tenerife South in Los Abrigos, front Ocean, and the second one located in La Laguna, near the Airport.

Frequent travels between Spain and Italy improves the sharing of experiences between CodeBay and CodeLand teams, giving us the possibility to deliver a unique, internationalized team to our customers.