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The constant need to find talents and train them to sustain the delivery our business has led us to design and implement this specific course for AEM Developers the Adobe Content Management system. A targeted path that in 3 months provides candidates with the needed skills to develop components for Editorial parts of our Web applications and as well their integration into more complex Back End systems.


The focus is on the main AEM topics, from Deploy Models, to components and templates, to HTL, to the AEM Cloud as Service, to code versioning systems, to repository management without forgetting the importance of the Soft Skills needed to interact and more around within of a Digital Transformation project.


An hybrid methodology rich in theory and practice in the first month, where AEM experts teach a topic and develop it with a practical exercise leading the candidates to develop their own solution. Then moving on to a second strictly practical month where specific templates and components of a website are provided and created with continuous revisions for the improvement of the deliverable. Finally, the last month is the induction of candidates in real project Teams to follow and take part in the implementation of a real project task.

Results Achieved

The first edition was held in 2020 and today, at the beginning of 2024, we have reached 8 editions of the Academy On AEM SIie, training 35 AEM Developers who work permanently on our Rwandan CodeHills farm in Kigali.

Teachers Committee

A team of Senior IT engineers and Computer Scientis with over twenty years of experience in developing Web solutions, they are leading the Academy candidates in the 3 months of training:

  • Ignazio Locatelli (CEO CodeLand) – AEM Architect – LinkedIn Page
  • Stefano Scotti (COO CodeLand) – AEM Business Practitioner LinkedIn Page
  • Alberto Anelli (Manager CodeLand) – AEM Architect LinkedIn Page
  • Aldo Caruso (Manager CodeLand) – AEM Architect LinkedIn Page
  • Matteo Mandato (Manager CodeLand) – AEM Architect LinkedIn Page
  • Erica Guazzaroni (Manager CodeLand) – AEM Senior FE Developer
  • Riccardo Giaconia (Senior Developer CodeLand) – AEM Senior Developer
  • Denis Niwemugisha (Country Manager CodeRwanda) – AEM Business Practitioner LinkedIn Page
  • Emile Nsengimana (Deputy Country Manager CodeRwanda) – AEM Architect LinkedIn Page
  • Alain Niyonema (Tech Leader) – AEM Architect

Apply for the Next Edition

Are you a young IT talent with a solid Java backgroung and want to learn an emerging and affirmed technology that allows you to develop professional corporate Web solutions? Contact us and you will be contacted to participate in the selection process of the next CodeLand Academy on Adobe Experince Manager.