/ Projects

  • UniCredit

    Since 2011 CodeLand has been managing CQ5 and AEM farms as well as many of the major developments on this platform. Activities have been focused on both architectural and coding, leading the change management process in UniCredit Services.

  • Sisal

    Implementation of the Bonus and Promo section of sisal.it (promotion, events, archive, card promo details). Focus on component editorial re-usability and flexibility, web performance and SEO.

  • Prada

    Development of Prada commerce websites in AEM and Vue js. Focus on integrations with commerce engine and with Vue JS framework on the frontend.

  • Domus Web

    Hystorical magazine of architecture, art and design edited by Editoriale Domus. CodeLand has managed the full AEM implementation and continues to support Domus in maintenance and evolutions.

  • Martinelli Ginetto

    Martinelli Ginetto is a website based on Adobe Cloud Services solutions that enable the implementation of the digital transformation journey undertaken by the group. The first outcome was the creation of the Corporate Site, followed by the B2B e-commerce, and finally the Digital 3D Showroom. We are thrilled to be part of this process, supporting our partner both strategically and in implementation, within the framework of Adobe AEM Site and Adobe Commerce Cloud solutions.

  • Iren

    CodeLand handled the entire web development and IT architecture, integrated into the site refactoring by implementing them in AEM Cloud through the creation of the front end and subsequent componentization in Adobe Experience Manager. The sites realized to date include the Corporate site of the Iren Group, the Everyday Magazine, the educational site Eduiren, and various sub-sites of the group (Acam Acque, Acam Ambiente, IBlue, ARCA Reggio Emilia, etc.).

  • Gewiss

    Gewiss offers products for Power, Energy, Domotics and Lighting all over the world. CodeLand collaboration is focused on AEM platform management and development, focusing on the Hybris integration to retrieve, index and display all product information for the different markets.

  • Cucchiaio D’Argento

    Il Cucchiaio d'Argento is a recipes website powered by Editoriale Domus. CodeLand has managed the full AEM implementation and continues to support Domus in maintenance and evolutions.

  • Quattroruote

    QuattroRuote online magazine represents the most important source of automotive information in Italy. QuattroRuote website is an impressive mix of contents (hundreds of thousands of articles, galleries, events, tests on the road, etc.) fully integrated with real time services and the biggest database on car information. Big attention have been placed to editorial capabilities, delivering a platform empowering editors with a simple and fast solution to deliver news and contents. SEO optimization, analytics and advertising integration are other fundamental assets.

  • Chicco

    Based on AEM, Chicco websites integrates an e-commerce engine with editorial and informational services. Products are extracted from SAP to deliver a full browsing catalog that can be integrated by editors with content enrichments. More than 30 localizations, including Arabic languages.