/ Iren

Project Details

CodeLand handled the entire web development and IT architecture, integrated into the site refactoring by implementing them in AEM Cloud through the creation of the front end and subsequent componentization in Adobe Experience Manager. The sites realized to date include the Corporate site of the Iren Group, the Everyday Magazine, the educational site Eduiren, and various sub-sites of the group (Acam Acque, Acam Ambiente, IBlue, ARCA Reggio Emilia, etc.).

Industries Multi-Utility

Technologies AEM Cloud

Period 2021 – Today

The RTI (Temporary Grouping of Companies) between Cultur-e, PWC, and CodeLand forms the basis of the collaboration, aiming to undertake the digital renewal and repositioning of Iren’s digital ecosystem. The goal is to assert its role as a leading player in the global challenge of ecological transition. The activities include data-driven design and development of the corporate portal, content strategy, social media strategy, and social channel management.