A company focused on supporting the digital transformation of its customers through Adobe Experience Manager technologies with the ability to intervene on various AEM tools such as Adobe Commerce, Adobe Site, Adobe Guides, Adobe Forms and Adobe Learning Maganer (ALM).

CodeHills offers its customers flexibility, scalability and excellence throughout the AEM world with a prevalent focus on core back-end and front-end technologies with the most modern frameworks, in multicultural working contexts. CodeHills simply passion at the service of digital transformation.

Since 2019 we have been selecting the best IT talents in Rwanda, trained in Kigali at the prestigious local international universities, they are directed to the AEM world through the Academy on AEM path organized and provided by CodeLand. CodeHills offers a hybrid team of 40 digital transformation talents divided into AEM Architects, AEM Developers of FE and BE, AEM TechLeaders and project Managers as well, who can support digital transformation projects through staff augmentation and team hiring.