20 September 2021

BitBang and CodeLand Announce Major Partnership

Milano and Bologna—Italy, September 10th, 2021

BitBang, Data Strategy, Digital Intelligence and Customer Analytics leader, and CodeLand, Adobe System Integration & Development leader, have announced a strategic partnership to help accelerate digital transformation and innovation for enterprises, with a focus on customer experience, campaign management, marketing analytics, insights, optimization and personalization.

Across the world, companies are embarking on digital transformation and workflow automation, which requires the executive team to rethink their approaches to customer experience and data insights. CEOs and CMOs find that delivering meaningful customer experiences is paramount even as brands focus on cutting costs and driving results.

According to McKinsey research, companies expect their digital initiatives to achieve cost efficiencies and growth of 5 to 10 percent or more within the next three and five years. According to Aberdeen Strategy & Research, customer data management and analytics capabilities plus content and workflows enable organizations to leverage customer engagement and CX delivery, resulting in 5.7 faster growth rate.

The BitBang-CodeLand partnership will now provide clients with a complete end-to-end solution, to take advantage of the best of both companies’ capabilities:

Strategy and Experience Design: On the front end, BitBang will help clients boost innovation, visibility, and customer satisfaction with a synergy of content and assets through data running on CodeLand’s system architectures for seamless user experiences.

Implementation and Integration: enterprises can design and implement communications projects across legacy integrations and content management systems with CodeLand and on the go to leverage BitBang’s capabilities to gain valuable insights from data for decision-making and improved customer experience.

Analytics and Optimization: CodeLand joins the partnership as a strategic design and migration provider for Adobe Experience Manager. Now, together with BitBang, businesses have complete control of Adobe Experience Manager for running effective marketing campaigns and personalized customer experiences through analytics and data engineering.

Giovanni Lorenzoni

CEO BitBang

“Companies are massively investing in digital transformation and customer experience more than ever before,” says Giovanni Lorenzoni, CEO BitBang. “We are delighted to partner with CodeLand to help deliver the best experiences to our clients across digital touchpoints, through data integration, marketing, automation and insights delivery.”

“Thanks to this partnership we are able to deliver great integration opportunities to our customers, combining our deep experience in Adobe Experience Manager Development with the vision and strategy of BitBang, delivering successful integrated solutions” says Ignazio Locatelli, CEO CodeLand.

Ignazio Locatelli

CEO & Founder at CodeLand

The announcement will be accompanied by multiple agreements, including joint development commitments and collaboration agreements on key emerging segments, providing confidence for both organizations’ customers and enabling unrestricted innovation.

About BitBang

BitBang is a leading provider of Data Strategy, Digital Intelligence, Analytics, Customer Intelligence, Automation, and Cloud Engineering Services, using data-powered approaches to deliver business results and improved customer experiences.

About CodeLand

CodeLand is an industry-recognized Adobe System Integration Development partner. We help businesses implement AEM, integrate new and existing applications, and automate and manage systems in complex environments.