10 November 2022

CodeLand and Adobe Learning Manager

CodeLand has a long history on Learning Management Systems, when from 2000 to 2005 we collaborated with METID-Politecnico di Milano with the implementation of a full java based LMS (Corsi On Line) and then with the delivery of the first online Italian degree in Engineering. With this background, we approached with big interest the new Learning Management System delivered by Adobe: Adobe Learning Manager, evolution of the former Captivate Prime platform.

Thanks to this platform it’s extremely easy to setup online courses based on SCORM objects and deliver them to your attendees building flexible and engaging learning paths. Adobe delivers a set of predefined React components that you can use to integrate ALM with AEM Sites, as well as a low level API that you can use to build your own experiences. As we usually do in CodeLand, we didn’t stop to simply using the platform but we immediately started analyzing APIs and interfaces in order to integrate ALM with existing AEM Sites implementations, building new HTML5 components integrating course video delivery, listings, tracking and achievement resports, delivering exceptional seamless experiences between sites and learning environments.

Thanks to these projects we are now able to deliver you a full end to end experience based on Adobe Learning Manager, from configuration to delivery.