29 June 2023

CodeLand at London Adobe Summit

As every year, CodeLand participated  to London Adobe Summit. As usual, it’s a wonderful occasion to get in contact with so many people, from Adobe International or Italy, from customers to partners.  

On this edition, generative AI has been the mantra all over the time (even too much in our opinion). For sure something we will better analyze and study in CodeLand from the next months, adding these solutions to the AI technologies we are already integrating from Google, Azure and AWS.  

Apart technical topics, the real essence of Adobe Summit is people you meet, occasions to talk and interact. The strong feeling to be part of something really big and continuously moving on the crest of the wave. An important occasion also to involve our employees in a thrilling and motivating experience.  

We come back with even more motivation, new ideas and the wish to continue to grow and give our contribute to this wonderful system. Thanks Adobe for this incredible experience at Summit.