15 January 2020

Codeland for Africa

The Gatsibo Aqueduct

Hi Everyone!

CodeLand is glad to announce that this year we support through a donation a rural development project in Rwanda: ” The Gatsibo Aqueduct “carried out by the international NGO MLFM. It’s a concrete initiative, a water supply system that brings clean water to the rural populations of Rwanda.
With our aid we can build four fountains and serve 200 families, that means to serve approximately 1500 dwellers into the Country of “thousand hills”.

MLFM is an NGO of Lodi born in 1964 and specialized since the early ’80s in these activities in Rwanda. MLFM approach is to work in cooperation with the rural community to build and set up sustainable water services that provide clean water up to few meters from the houses avoiding the costly recovery of water.

Without this infrastructure children and women spend most of their time recovering not treated water resources. Therefore through this project children attend school regularly, water diseases are significantly reduced and family revenue can be stabilized and growth due to the healthy improved condition.
As well this initiative contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 6 of the United Nations: “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all”.

More details of the Gatsibo Aqueduct project can be found at this link.

Stefano Scotti,
Chief Learning Officer for CodeLand


“Aquaplus” video, promoted by Rotary Interational and Lombardy Region, it’s a project managed and maintained by CodeLand. The project is focused on provide drinking water and education in the community of Juba to promote the development of the South Sudan and encourage people not to emigrate from their country. In this video we wanted to sensitize the public with info, images and animations to involving it by this social project. The photo were made in directly by us on site and after there were assembled in Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere with sound, speaker and animations.

Aquaplus is a program developed by District 2041 and 2042 of Rotary International with the objective of establishing an enduring and sustainable model for resolving problems of water and food security in disadvantaged areas of the world. After Haiti and Tanzania, Aquaplus turned to Juba in South Sudan. CodeLand proudly realized the Video for the South Sudan edition.