7 March 2024

CodeLand New Website

Our new website has been released. New contents and a new graphic layout to better share with you or vision, services, news and other information that we hope you will find interesting and easy to access.

We have structured our website in a very simple way:

  • About us: who we are, our values, mission and vision. And our history, that help us understand who we are and where we are headed.
  • Services:, where you can find what we can offer you, our expertise and the technologies we are able to manage.
  • Projects: a quick overview of the projects we managed.
  • Academy: our learning program to become AEM experts.
  • Work with us: just drop your CV here.
  • News: the latest news from CodeLand.
  • Blog: AEM Corner link
  • Contact us: feel free to leave a comment or request information.

We hope you enjoy visiting our website!