30 October 2019

New Chicco website online

After starting the latest developments in early August 2019, we are pleased to present the new web site www.chicco.it.
The new portal is based on three solid pillars: PerformanceIntegration and Flexibility which improve the user’s browsing experience, allowing them to practice a powerful interaction with the Brand’s products and contents.
The portal is based on Adobe Experience Manager which unified the whole editorial side of Chicco products under the AEM umbrella, including the Fashion line.

“It was a very challenging project with a very tight timeline: in less than 100 days we managed to go live thanks to a Team of AEM Senior developers coordinated by a Project Manager with vertical technical skills on the platform.
The contribution of IT Artsana has been crucial for the success of the project by taking care of all the System Integration activities for e-Commerce and Business Chicco, which provided the functional specifications and carried out the UAT of the project”.

Stefano Scotti, Chief Learning Officer and Head of the Artsana Project for CodeLand

Chicco.it is the first release of an intense rollout plan that involves the launch in more than 15 countries with different languages.