30 November 2023

Welcome CodeHills!

23-11-2023: an extremely important date for CodeLand.  

Today in Kigali, Rwanda, Stefano Scotti and Lino Scalabrini are founding CodeHills, our second sister company.  

CodeHills is a new startup we have just setup in Kigali to regroup all the AEM developers we have grown in this area since 2020. More than 40 AEM backend and frontend developers that CodeLand is successfully integrating every day in many projects, even with Architect and Team Leader roles. Structuring a new company in Kigali is the best demonstration of CodeLand effort to invest in this area, supporting local talents to grow and become part of our International projects. 

We are extremely proud of our developers in CodeHills. They were able in few years to demonstrate superior skills and an attitude that perfectly comforms to CodeLand’s values and vision 

With this operation we are setting the base to grow a new AEM excellence center in a location, Central Africa, where there isn’t offering in this area, ready to play an important role in the future of CodeLand evolution.  

Congratulations to Stefano Scotti (Chief Executive Officer), Ignazio Locatelli (President), Lino Scalabrini (Vice-President), Denis Niwemugisha and Emile Nsengimana (Country managers).