/ Our Story

Our values, strenghts and capabilities are coming from our history. A long and wonderful journey 

  • Rwanda initiative – CodeHills

    On 2021 we started our first official AEM Academy. A full commitment training path that lasts 3 months during which our best AEM Architects provide basic and advanced information on AEM developments. The initiative was absolutely a success, so successful that we did other 8 Academies in 2 years training more than 50 people, most of them from Kigali, Rwanda. Thanks to this pool of professionals, we have put the base to setup another sister company “CodeHills” whose foundation is about to be defined in late 2023.

  • Continuos growth

    In these years we had the opportunity to continuously grow our skills on AEM platform. We have adopted a strong internal learning path to give people the chance to become the best AEM developers in Italy (and Europe). Most of them are still working on CodeLand, some others are directly working today as Adobe Engineers.
    In this period CodeLand has become a reference for AEM development on the Italian market, reaching a good awareness and starting collaborations with important system integrators.

  • Milan Office

    Moving to an office in Milan became soon a need. We decided to move in a more representative office, easier to be reached by employees, partners and customers.
    In a couple of years we have moved to 2 different offices, improving our spaces and giving to all our collaborators a pleasant space where to work. Our current home is located in Piazza IV Novembre, just in front of the Central Railway Station.

  • CodeLand Foundation

    CodeLand was founded starting from DotLand inheriting everything. A change was required to follow our growth and CodeLand has been the answer.
    In this period and through the following years we have continued to grow: with more people,  with better organization and with more and more projects for new wonderful customers like UniCredit, Editoriale Domus, Gewiss, Sky.

  • CodeBay

    CodeBay has been our first “sister company”, founded in Tenerife (Spain) thanks to DotLand and a couple of 2 ex-employees Gaetano Negrone and Simone Bonacina. A fantastic intuition able to create in few years a new company of about 40 AEM experts, initially working on CodeLand’s Italian projects but today able to operate autonomously on the Spanish market as one of the main AEM players.

  • Adobe parternship

    The acquisition of CQ5 performed by Adobe changed our history. Thanks to the know how acquired during our previous experiences we have been able to start a deep collaboration with Adobe Italia. It has been an intense and fantastic period, with Adobe sending us to “solve problems” on different customers with which we are still collaborating today, like UniCredit, Editoriale Domus, Vatican City.
    An incredible period, with lot of work, lot of deploys, lots of satisfactions. This period represented a big change in DotLand. We had to staff new people, to find a way to migrate know how and to keep learning: raising our level month after month.

  • Welcome CQ5

    This is a crucial moment in the history of DotLand (and CodeLand). We accepted to start the implementation of a new big portal (Prénatal) based on Communiqué 5.2.1, a CMS developed by Day Software. The software was not mature, and for a couple of years we had to spend a lot of time and effort with software vendor to fix, patch, fine tune and finding a solution for everything.
    And indeed we did it. In this period we gained a big know how on CQ5 platform… not knowing it would have become our major activity for the next decade and more.

  • Portal and Gaming Developments

    It has been an intense period for DotLand, specializing both on gaming and CMS. From one side we explored the development of complex multiplayer 3D worlds (FootBall Village and Hyperfair), from the other we continued the development of Java based CMS and portals for important companies in the Milan area and Atalanta BC. In this period DotLand strengthened his structure enrolling fundamental people that became the pillars of our company.

  • Digital Bros and the gaming area

    In these years DotLand expanded its activity in the online gaming industry with the development of big CMS platforms aggregating casual games coming from different developers. GameTribe and Fueps have been the most important developments.
    In this period we also experimented MHP development with Mediaset creating first games to be delivered on DVB-T decoders.

  • Laurea Online Content Developments

    In the scope of METID collaboration, DotLand had the opportunity to work in multimedia transposition of all the contents of the first Italian Online University hosted by Politecnico di Milano. An engaging and big project that gave us the possibility to grow.

  • Politecnico di Milano

    First DotLand’s important partnership. In this period we had the occasion to specialize in the development of Learning Management Platforms working with METID, an excellence center of Politecnico di Milano on Distance Learning.  
    A fantastic experience in a dynamic and proactive environment excellently managed by Prof. Alberto Colorni. In this period DotLand entered in contact with Stefano Scotti and Lino Scalabrini, both working at Metid and today respectively COO and CIO of CodeLand 

  • DotLand

    Everything starts here, in 2001 when our CEO Ignazio Locatelli decided to transform a single consultancy activity in a new company. Not an easy period, following the dot-com bubble. But a dream to feed, day by day, project after project. A small office in Bergamo has been our temporary home, aggregating 2-3 people working on Java online developments, fighting every day to survive.