/ Performances

Performance is at the heart of every implementation. It impacts all user ineractions, resulting in one of the most important KPI to define user satisfaction while interacting with a solution.

Performance has to be granted at two different levels:

  • Server side: this is about the efficiency with which the information is generated by the server before delivering it to the final user. This may be “simple” when dealing with static pages, much more challenging when having to generate lots of personalized and private information based on user interaction.
    The ability to write efficient code is at the base of this process: CodeLand’s internal learning paths stress the importance of good software development through patterns that can enhance speed and efficient load.
    Other techniques we usually apply involve the implementation of caches (on premise or based on Content Delivery Networks), resulting in maximum efficiency when contents (or portion of them) are the same for different users.
    It’s a complicated and challenging task, requiring deep know how and expertise to obtain the best solution. In CodeLand we are used to consider these topics since the design of the solution: applying efficiency at a second stage will be too late.
  • Client side: this is about the efficiency with which the information is downloaded and rendered by the local device owned by the user. This is more and more important, with lot of interactions and animations moved to the browser and tons of javascript code executed client side.
    Attention and strong know how is required to obtain best performances, resulting in fast and easy to use applications, with better KPI and scores even on SEO.

CodeLand applies this principles by design in every implementation. But we can support you to enhance / improve existing situations where performances are not optimal. An initial assesment will be performed hightlighting the most critical areas, followed by a refactoring phase which aims to solve the highlighted issues.

/ Some of our best Performance Projects